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From the Editor  15 December, 2005

For the record, this is not me. You'll see my picture in this space as soon as I catch a Tennessee river fish this nice!

     Welcome to Tennessee River Fishing! TRF is devoted to those of you who prefer the simpler, less crowded style of fishing that can be found on Tennessee's numerous warmwater rivers and streams. Basically, TRF will cover any type of fishing (other than trout) possible in Tennessee rivers. Now we don't have anything against trout or fishing the big lakes, but those topics have been pretty much covered head to toe on about a million other websites. There are very few resources out there for warmwater river anglers and exactly none out there exclusively for river fishermen in Tennessee. TRF is here to change that.

    Whether you enjoy catching bream, bass, carp, or catfish, there is probably a river or stream nearby where you can catch more fish than you normally do and have a better time doing it. Over the coming weeks and months, this website will grow to reflect the diversity of Tennessee's many rivers and the species of fish that are found in them. The Articles section will have trip reports and offer advice on effective techniques for catching more fish, while the River Descriptions section will give readers a general overview of a number of rivers so you will know what you can expect to catch when you get there.

    The centerpiece of TRF, and the feature that will keep you coming back, will be the TRF Message Board. This is where you will be able to share information and learn from other knowledgeable Tennessee river rats and hopefully find some new fishing buddies. I don't know how it happened, but Tennessee River Fishing already has 19 members on the board and this website has not even been published on the internet as of yet! The board should be hoppin' pretty good by the time the weather begins to warm and the fish start thinking about eating again!

    While I am extremely excited about educating and informing those who think they might enjoy the moving water angling experience, I also think that TRF and it's members have a responsibility to serve as role models to newcomers to our sport. In our conversations and actions, TRFers should always show respect for creel and length limits, the environment, and each other. We want to promote catch and release of gamefish species, yet at the same time be respectful of those who follow the rules in taking a few home for dinner.

    Enough of my yappin'! Be sure to check back here often, as the site will be updated fairly often. In the meantime, sign up for the TRF Message Board (that's how you become a TRF member, by the way) and I'll enjoy chattin' with you folks until spring rolls around and we can wet a line together!







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