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This section of Tennessee River Fishing will contain trip reports and articles about certain techniques and really anything else related to fishing in moving water. Over time, most of the content found here will be supplied by you, the members of  Tennessee River Fishing. If you would like to submit an article, you can e-mail me or just post it somewhere on the TRF Message Board. I can stick it up in this section of TRF since this is easier to find than things are sometime on the message board. Don't worry about writing your article perfectly either as I'm a pretty good editor!

Late Summer Smallies in East Tennessee- Four TRFers show a Georgia boy how to catch smallmouth bass on the Holston and Pigeon Rivers.

A Slow, Small Sequatchie Slam...And a Surprise!- Learning about the Sequatchie's varied fishery. The hard way!

Kids and Creeks- I love river fishing. I love my kids. Therefore I must love river fishing with my kids. Why that syllogism is completely false and what you can do about it.

Muskies on the Prowl- Richard Simms and guide Dwayne Hickey chase muskies on the Collins River and discuss Tennessee's burgeoning river muskie fishery.

Changing Plans on the Collins River- In fishing, as in life, things rarely go according to plan. Here's how an angler dealt with unexpected conditions on an unfamiliar river.

A Tennessee Ticket and some Smallmouth Fishin'- TRF member BasserDrew parlays some bad luck on the road into some good luck on the Holston with fellow TRFer Larry McDavid

Three Days In East Tennessee- Attempting to figure out the smallies in the French Broad and Pigeon Rivers.

From the Editor- 15 December, 2005- Welcome to Tennessee River Fishing!




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