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Links I Use Constantly

Real-time Tennessee River Levels- Next to rod and reel, a river fisherman's best friend. Allows you to click on your favorite river and see the water level. Extremely useful web site by the USGS.  Your tax dollars at work!

The Weather Channel- See what Mother Nature has in store for that upcoming river trip!

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA)-Fisheries Management- Fishing licenses, boat registration, creel limits, size regulations, and a wealth of other great information can be found here!

Tennessee Paddling and River Information

Tennessee's Designated Scenic Rivers- Tennessee is blessed with some beautiful rivers. Here is the official list of the best of the best!

TWRA's Warmwater Streams page- Links to some interesting articles about smallmouth bass management in Tennessee. The TWRA Region 4 Warmwater Resources page is especially good!

Take It To the Bank- TWRA's guide to bank fishing opportunities all over the Volunteer State!

Canoe Tennessee- A list of canoe outfitters in Tennessee and the streams on which they operate!

American Whitewater's Tennessee Page- Flow information and descriptions of some great paddling spots in Tennessee. Many of these flows provide great fishing as well!

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) River System Info- This site has links to river gauges and dam release schedules. A must for anybody fishing the Tennessee River system!'s Tennessee Page- Though not geared toward fishing, this site contains descriptions of a multitude of Tennessee's best fishing rivers and streams!

Tennessee State Parks- A lot of Tennessee's state parks have river or creek access. Find one near you right here!

Tennessee Paddle- Another site geared towards paddlers, but some great information on some fine rivers!

Tennessee Mapping and Cyber-Scouting Resources

Topozone- USGS maps for free!

Google Earth- This is absolutely amazing! Download Google Earth's software (it's free!) and you now have satellite photos of your favorite river at your disposable. Zoom in and check out that river you've been wondering about!

Map of Rivers in Tennessee- Get the lay of the land with this map of Tennessee's major rivers and streams. This is far from a comprehensive listing of all the rivers and creeks worth, fishing, but it's a good start!

Tennessee County Maps- Contains PDF files of all 95 counties in Tennessee.

Tennessee Federal GIS Data Server- Download DRG's by Quad Name (get that from Topozone if you don't know it) or by County.

Tennessee Conservation Organizations and Outdoor Magazines

Tennessee Wildlife Federation- Since 1946, TWF has been on the front lines protecting Tennessee's natural resources.

Tennessee Sportsman Magazine- A print magazine all about hunting and fishing in Tennessee!

Tennessee Valley Outdoors- Another leading outdoor publication devoted to hunting and fishing!

TVA River Neighbors Newsletter- Geared towards those who frequent Tennessee's TVA reservoirs, but has some useful river info as well.



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